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Important information for you who are going to the concert.


When and where is the concert:

Bjerke Travbane, Oslo.

24 July 2022

The area opens at 16:00

Duo Abélard plays at 19:30

RAMMSTEIN plays after

The show will end before 23:00

  • All valid tickets are marked BJERKE TRAVBANE 24 July 2022
  • Log in to «Mitt Eventim” to see your ticket
  • There’s still a few tickets left — BUY HERE

    • The entrance to the Feuerzone area is at the front of the arena (see map). You will have to go through the main entrance first.
    • There will be toilets and bars available in the Feuerzone area.

      We strongly recommend Rammstein shuttle buses:

      • Departure will start at 15:30 from Nylandsbrua (approx. 10 min walk from Oslo), busses will go continuously until show start.
      • Return goes to Nylandsbrua, which is the only stop.

      • Price: 120, – roundtrip


        • There will be no parking around the area and roads around the arena will be closed.
        • Space on communal transport will be limited.
        • SHUTTLE BUS

          The shuttle buses will drive from Nylandsbrua from 15:30 until Rammstein goes on stage. Look for big red helium balloons 🎈 — There are the shuttle buses!

          There is a separate exit in the area for those who have bought a bus ticket.

          The exit is markedly clear inside the area, and on the map below.

          The rest make use of the other 2 exits.

          Have your ticket ready.

          Bus tickets can be purchased HERE


          The buses are clearly marked and run from Nylandsbrua (which is a short walk from Oslo S), and directly to Bjerke Travbane. Map of how to get from Oslo S to Nylandsbrua comes.

          Departures from Nylandsbrua start at 15:30 and continue until Rammstein goes on stage.

          Buses stop right at the entrance to the concert area.


          After the concert, the buses return directly to Nylandsbrua.

          The return to Oslo City Centre starts 30 minutes before Rammstein walks off stage and continues to go until the audience has left the concert area.

          The buses do NOT stop before disembarking in central Oslo.

          Everyone who has a shuttle bus ticket has their own exit.

          The exit is markedly clear inside the area, and on the map below.
          The rest make use of the other 2 exits.

          More information about the shuttle buses will be sent out well in advance of the concert day.

          There are a limited number of bus tickets and it is only possible to buy tickets in advance.

          Price: 120,- round trip incl. tax.
          (NOTE! Tickets purchased through other providers, such as Routes, will NOT be valid.)
          GENERAL INFO
          • There will be a bar with a limited food menu at the arena. We recommend you arrive with a full tummy.
          • Make sure to dress according to the weather as this is an outdoor arena.
          • There will be water outlets available.
          • There is no age restriction for the show, but kids under 15 years must be with a grown-up (18+).
          • Disability and accessibility

            We will send out information to everyone with a Handicap ticket.

            • Arranged shuttle buses are adapted for transporting wheelchairs (use of ramp).
            • HC parking will be available at Bjerke Travbane.
            • The HC platform is marked with a yellow circle on the map.
            • We want to make all wheelchair users aware that it is a long way from both the shuttle bus and HC parking to the HC area.
            • Everyone can enter our event with a ticket, regardless of wheelchair or not.
            • We also try to ensure that those with wheelchairs who do NOT have an HC ticket can also be in the HC area if they wish. Contact a guard nearby the Handicap area in this case.